Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday Trends

Hi everybody!

Since it's time for throwback Thursday I have decided to share with you some of my personal good and/or embarrassing beauty and fashion trends I followed as a teenager. 
1. Bon Bon Nail Polishes. These little things were all the rage when I was younger and you could not have a birthday party without getting one of these nail polishes as a gift. Plus since they were so cheap it was easy to have a collection of many colors.
2. Lip Smackers. I know this seems like a little kid chap stick and a way to introduce pre teens to make up but I loved my lip smackers. I remember when I started high school they started carrying a line of roll on lip glosses and I adored them.
3. GirlfriendsLA, Alloy and Delias. These catalogs were a saving grace for me and my friends during the summer. We anticipated our catalogs coming every month and would practically circle all the pages of stuff we wanted.
4. Toe Socks. For some reason toe socks were all rage when I was about 14. I can't even begin to tell you how many pairs I got from friends for Christmas one year. The embarrassing thing for me is that I inherited my dads crooked toes so toe socks were more of a hassle to get on than they were worth.
5. Platform Sandals. I, unlike every other woman in this world have never been able to walk with high heels on so platforms were my friend. They were always so clunky and heavy that I hated wearing them. Good thing today they make such cute wedgies and booties.
What trends did you follow as a teen? 
What were your favorite products?

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