Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Designer Bags For Less

This is the post I have been most excited about working on. If you are like me and lust after designer purses but don't have the means and/or the heart to spend that much money to get the newest fad designer purse, then you are in luck.

 I have compiled 4 lists of 4 different designers. All the purses are under $200, so there is a purse for every budget.

 I was most excited about this post because I just can't see why we can't own fabulous and quality made designer purses without paying an arm and a leg. Watching our favorite celebrities tote purse after new purse to match their designer couture outfits makes our hearts pound in our chest.

Check out my designer purse finds under $200. Coach, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. Each of the designers feature 16 purses, click on the links to go to store website to browse and/or buy. There are many more options to choose from, I just picked the cutest 16.

First up is Coach

 1. Madison North/South Swingback In OP Art- $138  
2. Bleeker Felicia Crossbody in Leather- $198  
3. Madison Top Handle Pouch in Leather- $178
4. Small Kelsey In Ocelot Jacquard- $198
5. Phone Crossbody- $138
 6. Penelope Signature Carryall- $199
7. Legacy North/South Swingback- $138
8. Limited Edition Audrey Metallic Graphic- $188
 9. Campbell Izzy Signature Print Women's Handbag $184 

10. Small Tote In Printed Signature Fabric- $168  
11. Small Tote In Printed Signature Fabric- $198
12. Bleecker Large Swingpack In Signature Coated Canvas- $178
13. Campbell Signature Metallic Large Satchel Bordeaux- $200
15. Op ART Print Duffle Style F26928 Shoulder Bag- $200
16. Madison Small Kelsey Satchel In Signature Fabric- $198

Next up is Kate Spade *one of my favorite designers*
1. Cobble Hill Tenley Cross Body Bag- $178
2. 'sutton - small' handbag- $198 york Cedar Street Animal Maise- $149

More to come tomorrow- Rebecca Minkoff and Marc Jacobs!
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  2. Great sharing.