Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How To Dress Your Body Shape

The pear body shape has wide shoulders with wider hips. They also have a small waist. The best way to dress a pear shape is to draw the eyes upwards. This means that we want to make the bottom half look more even. So we want to wear darker colors on bottom. A dark wash jean is really great. A-line skirts are also perfect for the pear body shape. Flared and Bootcut bottoms will balance you out.

 Celebrity Pear shapes include: Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Each individual picture is a link.

 If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a hourglass body shape then rejoice in the fact that you have what is considered the perfect body shape. An hourglass body has roughly the same inches in shoulders and hips. They have a small waist. You can wear anything you want and look fantastic. Show off your killer curves in skinny jeans and bodycon.

Celebrity HourGlass shapes include: Jessica Simpson and Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johannson.

The apple body shape is like the name suggests a circle. This means you have a thicker waist that is more in proportion to the size of your shoulders and hips. You will want to wear looser shirts and dresses around the middle and tighter around shoulders and hips. So pair a flowy top with fitted bottoms.

Celebrity Apple shapes include: Catherine Zeta Jones.

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