Sunday, June 1, 2014

Retro Chic!

I am back baby!
Life has gotten hectic lately and I have been unable to post anything for close to a month now, that it all over and I am now back!
 The past weekend for Memorial Day I went to the beach for the weekend and loved the new swimsuit trends. Retro is back!
There were so many Marilyn Monroe esque swimsuits to be seen. High waisted, ruching and flattering for skinny and plus sized women. It wasn't only the swimsuits either. Retro is very in right now in regular apparel, accessories and shoes too.
 The great thing about these 50's/60's/70's style apparel is that they are the most flattering clothes for any size and shape. I have yet to see a woman wearing these retro inspired apparels and look bad.
The pin up look is back ladies and gentlemen and I for one am loving it!
Reto swimwear

Retro Apparel

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