Saturday, February 15, 2014

Etsy-Love for local artists

I decided to do a feature on the local business man.

 I wanted to share love about the truly gifted people that can craft things with their hands that are good enough to actually sell. I can make things, but never anything on the level that people would purchase, or that I would feel comfortable enough to put out there.

 It really is amazing the talent that so many people have. I would love to showcase all the artwork and home wears but alas this is a fashion blog. Don't take this to mean that these are the only good things to buy on etsy. No way, there are thousands of items for sale that are worth browsing. Even if you aren't looking to purchase anything, it's worth a look just to get your breath taken away by the amazing talent of our fellow man.

I support the etsy artists because they aren't world famous designers, there wares aren't being marketed in department stores. These are people making things because they love it.

 So here are some really great fashion finds that Etsy has to offer. Don't forget to browse the site though, because these are only a couple things, there are thousands of items worth looking at.


  1. Hi,
    I really adore the style of fashion, you have displayed here on your blog.

  2. Hi, Kasey:

    Good post. I tend to browse too long on etsy which is dangerous because my must-have list gets way too large.
    It is a wonderful site for shopping for exclusive fashion items since most of the vendors don't make items in mass quantities. That is what I like the most because I really enjoy wearing items that only a few other people own.


  3. One of a kind fashion items are really great statement pieces.

  4. Hi,
    Your blog is beautifully made and am loving your posts.
    Very inspiring! Would you like to follow eachother?
    Looking forward to more amazing posts from you.

    1. Thank You So Much. :) I'd love to follow each other.